I did something pretty strange last year. I’d been to Russia twice, once in 2014 to Moscow, and a second time to the Far East and Siberia in 2015. After this second visit, I came home with a desire to find some sort of way to be able to live in Russia. 3 months later I had a job offer to take up a contract teaching English in a city many people haven’t heard of (well, at least in its current form) in the south of Russia.
This came as a bit of a shock to not only family and friends, but also to me.
It promised to be an interesting but challenging experience, beginning even before I left in having to become a qualified teacher. Formalities began, meaning sending documentation, applying for a visa, booking my flights and breaking the news to my employer.
Finally, after a couple of months, I had my visa, my signed contract and was ready to go.
A quick trip to New York and Washington was a polar opposite to what I was about to experience, and on return from America, 2 days later I packed my life into my suitcase and headed to the airport for my flight to Moscow, and then on to my new home of Volgograd.
This is my story of life, travels and experiences in Russia and Eastern Europe and the world.


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