Volgograd Travel Guide – My first weekend exploring. Post #6.

After my first night out, I woke up on Saturday morning, now 2 days since arriving, feeling pretty awful. I still had no phone connection or way to get in touch with anyone, so I decided to spend the weekend to myself, getting to know where I now called home.


Post #5. Infrastructure in Volgograd – The ‘International’ Airport and Roads in Volgograd.

Volgograd is a really brutal city. It's the kind of place that you couldn't instantly fall in love with - it's a city that might take you a few weeks, or even months, to truly understand.

Post #4. My first night out in Volgograd. And drinking (culture?) in Russia.

All of a sudden, a super old Lada came from a side alley, drove up, and parked across the footpath in front of us. Two super drunk Russian dudes got out of the car, started shouting and yelling, and got out a bottle of whiskey from the back seat. I was super confused, as everything was happening in Russian, and from what I understood, none of the guys or girls we were with knew who these 2 dudes were, but hey, whatever, they had whiskey. And so, as you do at midnight, in a dark alley in an unknown city, we all got super excited and stood in this big circle drinking these guys' whiskey from the bottle.

Post #3. My first morning in Volgograd. And a bit about Russian supermarkets.

It was Friday. The morning after I arrived. The previous night, having no shower, or no food or drink in my apartment, I unpacked my bags and tried to place things away. I put up some photo's of family and friends and places on my wardrobe with some blu-tac (which became quite a novelty with my students), and made my sofa bed up. Then I sat down. And thought 'what the hell have I done.' Where was I, what was I doing, why was I here?

Post #2. My (first) apartment in Russia. And apartments in Russia (from my experience)

(Read my previous post here) Post #1. Moving to Russia. November, 2015. So apartment blocks in Russia are funny things. There seemed to be a couple of basic rules during the soviet union when it came to construction. Keep it simple. Very simple. Functionality over aesthetics Grey is the new black. My first apartment ticked…Read more Post #2. My (first) apartment in Russia. And apartments in Russia (from my experience)

Post #1. Moving to Russia. November, 2015.

So as I mentioned, in around June I had an offer letter and contract signed to teach English in Volgograd, Russia. I knew nothing about this city in its current form. What I did know however was that the city was previously known as Stalingrad. The site of one of the bloodiest battles the world…Read more Post #1. Moving to Russia. November, 2015.